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Become A Sponsor

I Want To Sponsor a Child through Adopt A Child

From only $30** you can sponsor a child through Adopt-A-Child. The children at each of the programs receive good nutritional meals, basic medical and dental care, and are able to go to Bible Classes if they wish. 

**($35CAN $50NZD $45AUD £18 €30)

We encourage you to develop a relationship with your child through corresponding as regularly as you can. 
  • Your cards/letters will be translated into the child’s own language (either Spanish, or in the mountains, Quiché) and he/she will write back (translated into English) to you.

  •  If you send a monetary gift to your local AAC office, once gifts are bought for your child, you will receive a thank you letter along with a photo of your child receiving the gifts. 

  • We will also send a yearly update photo and information to you.

The children begin coming to the programs around 3 years old and stay on for as long as they wish. We never turn any child away, no matter how old. Most stop coming when they are in mid-to late teens when they often have to find a job to help their families financially, or when they finish school and start working. Sometimes some of the girls leave early as they can get married as young as 13 years old in Guatemala. When your sponsored child leaves, we will let you know and offer you a replacement child to sponsor.

If you would like to become a sponsor today, please fill out the form below and one of our staff from your local office will help you select a child to sponsor.